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D.I.S.C.O. (English Maxi Version) - Ottawan--:-- / 05:00

随便推荐Ottawan的Hands Up

Hands Up - Ottawan--:-- / 04:52


In 1979 Ottawan was founded by French record producers Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger and fronted by male singer Jean Patrick Baptiste and female singer Annette. Kluger and Vangarde had also scored hits with The Gibson Brothers and Sheila B. Devotion.

In the United Kingdom they had two Top 10 hits. "D.I.S.C.O." (the act's debut single) reached number two in September 1980, while "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" peaked at number three a year later."Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" reached #1 in New Zealand during 1982, staying there for eight weeks. In France, their single "You're OK" (French title "T'es OK") is one of the Top 50 best-selling singles of all time. The duo recorded in French as well as English.

Patrick Baptiste left the group soon afterwards and attempted a come back under the new name Pam 'n Pat, to little success. Ottawan continued as an act with varying line-ups for many years afterwards.

The Canadian band Sway had a #7 hit in Canada in 1988 with their cover of "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)".

The Swedish band Army of Lovers had a #44 hit in Sweden in 2001 with their cover of "Hands Up".

The Israeli band The Young Professionals had a #53 hit in France in 2012 with their version of "D.I.S.C.O."

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